• Successfully worked to establish Career and College Pathway agreements with all 18 School Districts (High schoolers get credit for both high school and college degrees)

  • Successfully increased our transfer rates to UC and CSU as well as our Career Tech Certificates

  • Modernization and upgrade of our campus facilities, creating first rate facilities and making sure our tax dollars are spent wisely

  • Implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion hiring practices and serving on the statewide committee to oversee implementation

  • Leading our District fight to successfully  challenge proposed State funding shifts that would take money away from our campuses

  • Quickly and successfully responding to COVID-19 and moving our classes online

  • Providing needed District leadership, serving 3 years as Governing Board President 


  • For every student, regardless of age, economic circumstance, gender  or ethnicity to receive the highest quality educational experience to achieve their end goals

  • To complete our hiring of the Chancellor to guide the District through these uncertain times, with the overall goal of continuing to improve student outcomes

  • To continue to fight the State funding shift and keep our tax dollars here in the District to maintain the excellence of our campus programs and facilities

  • To continue our District-wide work on Diversity, Equity and inclusion and my service on the Statewide Taskforce for the Community College District